Residents and peer review

Residency Program Insider, February 20, 2015

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During HCPro’s webcast Peer Review: Seven Challenges and Realistic Solutions, speakers Robert Marder, MD, CMSL, and Mark A. Smith, MD, MBA, FACS, addressed an audience member’s questions about the role residents should play in the peer review process. Below are their responses.
Question: Should residents be involved in the peer review process for educational purposes?
Smith: In an academic setting, we think it’s vitally important because it’s part of the educational process. Even in non-university training centers, I’ve seen resident participation as part of their education and it’s been very revealing. The residents need to be taught that they have to follow the roles of confidentiality, etc., the same way the practitioners do.
There was one institution we worked with where we created a centralized peer review system and the person who was going to be the chair of that peer review committee was also the residency director. They ran a pilot project where they re-created a peer review system for the residents to participate in as an educational process. They created a parallel process for the residents to participate in to learn about it.
Marder: If you’re going to have resident participation, one of the key people to include is the chief resident. This is someone who’s recognized as a leader among the residents; therefore they can take that experience with them when they go out to the medical staff, when they get an attending. They can be prepared to understand the process even better.

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