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Residency Program Insider, October 17, 2014

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When you have an underperforming resident, this one resident can take up the majority of your time and attention. If you are struggling with your resident remediation plan, this webcast is for you: Manage the Underperforming Resident: Remediation and Documentation Strategies.

Former DIO and GME expert Franklin Medio, PhD, answers the most difficult and common resident performance and remediation-related questions. As a program director or coordinator, you have probably had to answer one of these questions during a resident’s tenure:
When does a resident’s performance reach the point of requiring formal remediation?
How do we determine what type of remediation is needed?
How do we remediate a resident with a behavioral, psychological, and/or professionalism problem?
 How long should the resident be on remediation?
Who should (and should not) be notified when a resident is placed on formal remediation?
What do I (PD) say in the dismissal letter when the resident does not meet the requirements of the remediation plan and fails out of the program?
What information do I (PD) share about the resident with outside organizations who request it after the resident leaves the institution, whether s/he satisfactorily completed or failed to complete the program?

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