Ask the expert: What does the internal review process entail?

Residency Program Insider, September 21, 2010

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The ACGME requires all institutions/GMECs to perform internal reviews of each program at the midpoint of their accreditation cycles. The following is an outline of the steps the GME office (or whomever oversees these reviews) can take to carry out internal reviews:

  1. Create an internal review policy that in accordance with the ACGME standards and approved by the GMEC.
  2. Appoint the internal review committee and a chair. Assign roles to the members of the committee.
  3. Notify program director of the internal review, and send out survey instruments to residents and/or faculty
  4. Collect departmental documentation, including program letters of agreement, policies, sample evaluation forms, previous internal review reports, annual program assessments, ACGME notification letters, and ACGME resident surveys. Analyze survey results.
  5. Conduct interviews with the residents, key teaching faculty members, and the program director.
  6. The internal review committee conducts a wrap-up meeting and drafts the internal review report.
  7. Prepare internal review report and send it to the program director.
  8. Send the internal review report to the GMEC for approval.

This week’s question and answer are from The Graduate Medical Education Committee Handbook by Vicki L. Hamm.

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