Ask the expert: What is the coordinator's role in screening applications?

Residency Program Insider, October 13, 2009

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The answer to this question is, “it depends.” The program director determines the process for reviewing applications. Program directors tend to pick one of the two following ways of reviewing applications:

  • Program directors utilize the program coordinator for the initial screening of applicants. The program director gives the coordinator a set of criteria that he or she will use to weed out those who do not meet minimum standards. Measures may include USMLE scores, receipt of medical school transcripts, and a set number of letters of recommendation. The program coordinator sends those applicants who make the cut on for a second review by the program director and/or application review committee.
  • Only the program director reviews all applications and determines which applicants will continue in the process.

Most program directors chose method 1, following up with discussions with the program coordinator to compare notes and impressions. During the second review of the applications, program directors, faculty, and coordinators thoroughly review the application and supporting documents to ensure compliance with program standards.

Send the applications to those reviews via ERAS. Faculty members will receive an e-mail from ERAS indicating that there are applications to review and provides a list of and a link to those applications.

This week’s question and answer are from The Complete Residency Program Management Guideby Ruth H. Nawotniak, MS, C-TAGME. Come see Ruth present at the 4th Annual Residency Program Management Workshop.

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