Ask the expert: What is the program coordinator's role in organizing inservice training exams for residents?

Residency Program Insider, July 28, 2009

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Resident inservice training examinations (RITE) are required by many specialties. RITEs assess residents’ medical knowledge, which allows the residents to identify areas of weakness prior to the board exam. Knowing where they stand allows them to focus their studying and preparation. The program coordinator’s role in organizing the RITE includes:

  • Ensuring all residents are registered for the exam
  • Reserving space for exam administration
  • Working with the program director to schedule residents for the exam and ensure that services are covered
  • Proctoring the exam
  • Ensuring all materials are returned to the appropriate organization, as required

Organizing the schedule so that services and clinics are covered while residents take the exam can be tricky. One solution is to administer the RITE on two consecutive days. Residents assigned to sit for the exam on the first day cover the services and clinics on the second day, and vice versa. Send the coverage schedule to all faculty and nursing staff at least three weeks prior to the examination.

This week’s question and answer are from The Complete Residency Program Management Guide, published by HCPro, Inc.

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