Ask the Expert: What is the coordinator's role in orienting a new program director?

Residency Program Insider, April 21, 2009

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Ideally, a new program director should have two orientations: one with the institution and one with the coordinator. The coordinator should set up meetings with the new program director to educate him or her on how the program functions on a daily basis. Meet once a week, at minimum, or even more until the new program director feels comfortable and up to speed on the ACGME requirements.

Create a transition book for the program director, and review it with him or her. Consider including the following information in the book:

  • Lists of contact information for faculty, residents, and staff
  • Copy of the last site visit and internal review documents
  • Copies of the ACGME Institutional Requirements, ACGME Common Program Requirements, and clinical specialty program requirements
  • ACGME Policies and Procedures and Glossary of Terms
  • ACGME Web site, information from the Web site, and program-specific login information

Also include in the transition book program-specific program information such as:

  • An overview of the educational program and philosophy
  • Curriculum with goals and objectives
  • Three to five years of procedural data
  • Board results
  • State and federal requirements that affect GME
  • Sponsoring institution requirements for the GME programs

Although the program director can access most of this information using online program-driven databases or the ACGME Web site, there is nothing like reviewing the information one-on-one. This can spark discussion about the issues involved in managing a training program, and the program director and coordinator can come to an understanding regarding their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

Today’s question and answer come from HCPro’s newest resource, The Complete Residency Program Management Guide, by Ruth Nawotniak, C-TAGME.

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