Next steps after Match Day

Residency Program Insider, January 13, 2009

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Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from, The Residency Program Coordinator's Handbook, by Dianna Otterstad.

After you download your match list and know who will be joining your program, it is time to start the task of appointing and credentialing your new residents so that they are licensed to practice medicine in your institution.

The first thing I do after Match Day is prepare a checklist. The appointment process and all the preparations for incoming house staff are so complex that a checklist or task list is the only way to keep track of everything. I have included my checklist, but of course, it is specific to my institution. However, it gives you an idea of the myriad of tasks that need to be completed before your new residents can begin their training.

The following items are on my checklist:

  • Reappointment letters for returning house staff
  • Set up folders for new residents and fellows
  • Post new house staff photographs
  • Appointment letters for new residents and fellows
  • Packets to new house staff
  • House staff lists; how staff changes; lists to all institutions
  • Memo to all program directors; re: rotation schedules for new year
  • Order certificates for graduating house staff
  • Order lab coats and scrubs
  • Order books and educational materials
  • Reserve conference room for July orientation
  • Update all evaluation forms, conference attendance forms, etc.
  • Set up vacation/sick leave tracking
  • Revise information sheets
  • Revise policies and procedures
  • Revise goals and objectives
  • Update evaluation system for upcoming year
  • Letters for graduating residents
  • New rotation schedules; fellow rotation schedules
  • Terminate graduating house staff
  • Memo to graduates regarding checkout process, forwarding address
  • Orientation schedule
  • Faculty mentor assignments
  • Assemble new house staff packets
  • Graduating resident summaries




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