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India's hospitals take steps to improve patient safety

Patient Safety Monitor: Global Edition, April 28, 2009

The Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation (ICHA) began collaboration with the World Health Organization's "World Alliance for Patient Safety," according to the The Times of India. Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, patients' groups, and non-governmental organizations met at KEM Hospital to begin implementing the new patient safety initiatives.

"Till now, patient-doctor relations have hinged on a confrontational we-versus-they approach," said gynecologist Nikhil Datar in the Times of India. "We are now trying to involve all stakeholders to improve the medical system from within." According to The Times of India, the ICHA will now begin to identify clear-cut healthcare standards, train employees of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics to spot medical errors and adverse reactions as well as encouraging the reporting of such events to help create a "desi" database.

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