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Malaysian private hospitals required to implement safe treatment plan

Patient Safety Monitor: Global Edition, April 14, 2009

Beginning this year, Malaysia’s Health Ministry will implement the "Incident Reporting and Learning System" to ensure patients receive safe treatment in private hospitals, according to The Star Online. The initial phase of the system would ask hospital to join on a voluntary basis, but later would become mandatory under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act, said Director-general Tan Sri Ismail Merican, MD.

The Ministry is also looking to improve infection control of hospital-acquired diseases caused by Methicllin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and extended spectrum beta lacatamase (ESBL) Klebseilla bacterium and plans to introduce a set of national patient safety goals. According to The Star Online, the Patient Safety Council met earlier this year to determine these new improvements as part of 12 initiatives outlined to enhance patient safety in public and private hospitals.

The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health has begun hospital accreditation, and since January 1, 2009, 60 public hospitals and 20 private hospitals have received accreditation, while 12 public and two private hospitals are currently being assessed.

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