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Jordan hospitals pledge to implement HCAC National Quality and Patient Safety Goals

Patient Safety Monitor: Global Edition, April 14, 2009

At a recent press conference held at Jordan’s Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) headquarters, it was announced that more than 30 Jordan hospitals committed to implementing the HCAC National Quality and Safety Goals for 2009, according to the Zawya. The first set of National Quality and Safety Goals will focus on developing systemwide solutions in correct patient identification, improving the safety of high-alert medications, and ensuring correct-site, correct-procedure, and correct-patient surgery.

For the hospitals enrolled in adopting the National Quality and Safety Goals, the HCAC will provide training and workshops for the hospital staff and administration, along with access to a hotline phone number to answer any questions staff members might have about the goals. The implementation will not take effect immediately, but will instead go through multiple phases. The process will start with an enrollment phase, followed by a training phase, a grace period for hospitals to implement the goals, an assessment phase, and finally, an award ceremony for all hospitals that have successfully implemented the three goals.

"Our healthcare system is committed to improving the quality and safety of the care provided to our country's citizens," HCAC CEO May Abuhamdia, MD, said in Zawya. "These hospitals realize that safety issues don't take care of themselves just because of the good intentions of the staff, they are committed to actively support and implement the processes that will save lives in their organizations."

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