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Canada: State-of-the-art instrument sanitizer promotes patient safety

Patient Safety Monitor: Global Edition, February 17, 2009

London Health Sciences Centre's (LHSC) Sterile Processing Department (SPD) will benefit from the introduction of a new digital software system called Censitrac, according to the Hospital News. Censitrac was implemented on October 21, 2008, and is capable of tracking medical instruments at an individual level.

SPD is responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, packaging and sterilizing more than 100,000 medical instruments. "The Censitrac software is incredible," Bill McInerey, SPD coordinator at LHSC's Victoria Hospital, told Hospital News, "We can track our inventory more accurately while being more fiscally responsible."

Censitrac will promote patient safety through better managing of medical instruments and the sterilization process. Staff members at LHSC are excited to use Censitrac and said it will help them do their job more effectively, according to the report.

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