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Scotland: Medical errors kill thousands, cost millions

Patient Safety Monitor: Global Edition, November 25, 2008

A government-funded study published in the Scottish Medical Journal that reviewed case notes of 354 patients found that 28 suffered adverse events, reports the Sunday Times. Ten percent of the study's identified errors were reported as adverse events in the hospital risk management program.

The research suggests that medical errors affect 50,000 patients at a cost of almost 300 million British pounds each year, according to the Times. Three of the 28 patients to suffer adverse events in the study died, two were permanently injured, and eight suffered moderate impairment.

The study brings new concerns over patient safety after recent medical errors, such as a 16-year old who received 19 doses of radiation at 58% more than necessary, have come into public light, reports the Times.

Aberdeen University in Scotland is trying to confront the problem with the county's first patient safety course aimed at healthcare workers.

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