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How partnerships can bring community care to the next level

Physician Practice Insider, January 24, 2017

Summit Medical Group, the largest privately held multispecialty medical practice in New Jersey, last spring partnered with University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to deliver comprehensive multidisciplinary, ambulatory cancer care at a lower patient cost.

Jeffrey Le Benger, MD, CEO of the new Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center, discussed his experience with the new model and how it might apply to similar organizations.

HealthLeaders Media: How and when did your partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center come about?

Jeffrey Le Benger, MD: Previously, we had good cancer care at [Summit Medical Group], but we didn't have the full spectrum of care. We did some clinical trials, but care was fractured for the community.

So about three years ago, we decided to look for a partner in cancer care that would give us the attributes we were looking for—especially the ability to provide seamless care for patients—and decided to partner with MD Anderson because they were very inclusive.

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