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Financial pressures reshape medical practices

Physician Practice Insider, October 4, 2016

Three of four physicians expect to purchase, buy into, merge, or sell their practice within the next four years, a survey of small practices shows. Financial uncertainty in the healthcare sector is changing the way independent physicians and other medical professionals run their practices, according to a survey commissioned by TD Bank.

The survey of more than 340 small practices found that 50% of physicians either have or would consider purchasing, buying into, merging, or selling their practice, and 73% expected to do so within the next four years.

Nearly half of the respondents (46%) said they're being pushed to make the change because it's becoming too expensive to run a practice.

"We are seeing a growing trend of more healthcare providers buying into practices with a partnership or purchasing an existing practice because they are seeking added financial security and well-established businesses," said Dan Croft, head of Healthcare Practice Solutions at TD Bank, in a media release.

This article originally appeared on HealthLeaders Media. Read the full article here.

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