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Revisions to ICD-10 conversion/coding infrastructure revisions to NCDs-Third maintenance change request

Physician Practice Insider, December 29, 2015

On December 3, CMS rescinded Transmittal 1547, dated October 5, and replaced it with Transmittal 1580 to: 1) remove invalid TOB 52X from NCD250.5, 2) remove invalid TOB 25X from and add TOB 85X to NCD80.11, and, 3) include complete history in NCD160.18. All other information remains the same.

Effective date: October 1, 2015

Implementation date: January 4, 2016-Exceptions: FISS will implement the following NCDs April 4, 2016: 260.1, 80.11, 20.16, 270.6, 160.18, 110.10, 110.21, 250.5, 100.1, and 160.24. CWF will deactivate edits 33XA and 33#A (NCD150.3) prior to the January 2016 implementation date

View Transmittal R1580OTN.

View MLN Matters article MM9252.

This article was originally published on Medicare Compliance Watch.

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