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The Practical Guide to Release of Information: ROI in a HITECH World, Second Edition

Physician Practice Insider, November 17, 2015

with Ben Burton, JD, MBA, RHIA, CHP, CHC

Release of information (ROI) is a complex but core health information management (HIM) function in hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare facilities. Concern about identity theft, the protection of special information and populations, and an increasingly transient patient population make preparing and sharing copies of medical records a complex but critical task—especially because HIM professionals must also ensure the process is compliant, efficient, and accurate. The complexity of ROI is compounded by the many federal laws and even more stringent state laws; the many variations and myriad of legal issues involved are difficult to sort through and even more difficult to put into practice.

Publishing in November 2015, The Practical Guide to Release of Information: ROI in a HITECH World, Second Edition, provides an in-depth look at release of information from a legal, technological, and cost-effectiveness standpoint, with a special chapter dedicated to physician practice issues. This definitive guide discusses regulations that affect ROI, how to design an effective ROI department, the role of ROI in a legal environment, and technological applications for ROI. It addresses practical management issues related to quality control, backlog, turnaround times, and productivity. It also provides relevant policies and procedures, job descriptions, tracking logs, and more.

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