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CMS issues ICD-10 resource guide and contact list for providers

Physician Practice Insider, November 17, 2015

CMS has released a new resource to help providers find the right contacts for ICD-10 questions involving Medicare and Medicaid claims. The resource guide and contact list provides phone numbers or email addresses for Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) and state Medicaid offices for each state and U.S. territory.

CMS notes that Medicare claims take several days to be processed and payment is issued, by law, after two weeks. Medicaid claims can take up to 30 days to be submitted and processed, according to CMS.

To check on the status of Medicare claims, CMS recommends providers use a MAC’s interactive voice response or portal. For further questions, CMS recommends a three-step approach.

The first step for general questions is to check CMS websites, including its ICD-10 and Road to 10 sites.

Providers should next contact the MAC for Medicare claims questions or state Medicaid agency for Medicaid claims. For any questions for commercial or private healthcare claims, providers should contact the health plan directly.

The third step is to contact CMS’ ICD-10 ombudsman. Inquiries should be sent to and responses are typically sent within three business days, according to CMS.

This article was originally published in Just Coding.

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