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CMS releases new EHR Incentive Programs FAQs

Physician Practice Insider, November 17, 2015

CMS added three new questions on meaningful use requirements to their FAQ website. The new FAQs clarify issues around patient engagement and health information exchange in the wake of the recent changes to the EHR Incentive Programs. The new FAQs are:

  • FAQ 12825: In calculating the meaningful use objectives requiring patient action, if a patient sends a message or accesses his/her health information made available by their eligible professional (EP), can the other EPs in the practice get credit for the patient’s action in meeting the objectives?
  • FAQ 12817: For the Health Information Exchange objective for meaningful use in 2015 through 2017, may an EP, eligible hospital, or critical access hospital (CAH) count a transition of care or referral in its numerator for the measure if they electronically create and send a summary of care document using their CEHRT to a third-party organization that plays a role in determining the next provider of care and ultimately delivers the summary of care document?
  • FAQ 12821: If multiple eligible professionals or eligible hospitals contribute information to a shared portal or to a patient's online personal health record (PHR), how is it counted for meaningful use when the patient accesses the information on the portal or PHR?

More FAQs on meaningful use and other CMS initiatives and policies can be read on CMS’s FAQ page.

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