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CMS outlines long-term vision for Physician Quality Reporting programs

Physician Practice Insider, May 19, 2015

CMS has released the final draft of its strategic vision plan for how healthcare professionals’ performance is measured and publicly reported.

CMS says its long-term plan for Physician Quality Reporting Programs over the next several years is one in which quality measurement and public reporting are “seamlessly woven into the fabric of healthcare delivery,” and in turn can support “better decision-making” by physicians and consumers.

The vision is also aligned with an evolving approach to provider payment—moving away from strict fee-for-service models to incentive programs that reward physicians for quality and cost of care provided.

The strategic vision is based on the following five statements:

  • CMS quality reporting programs are guided by input from patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
  • Feedback and data drives rapid cycle quality improvement.
  • Public reporting provides meaningful, transparent, and actionable information.
  • Quality reporting programs rely on an aligned measure portfolio.
  • Quality reporting and value-based purchasing program policies are aligned.

There are corresponding indicators of success spelled out for each statement. That means public reporting, for example, should provide “meaningful, transparent and actionable” performance data that’s readily accessible to and used by patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike.

While this type of information on physicians and hospitals is already publicly available through various means, CMS says it will continue to work closely with these stakeholders—possibly in focus groups or development teams—to increase their involvement in design, testing, and ongoing evaluation of efforts to improve public reporting.

CMS does plan to expand its Physician Compare website to include performance data on individual healthcare professionals and increase the amount of “meaningful, aggregate performance information” available on group practices, health systems, or accountable care organizations. Mobile apps are also being considered to make the data more accessible to broader audiences.

Access the full text of the strategic vision final draft on the CMS website.

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