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Evaluation & Management Boot Camp-Professional Version

Physician Practice Insider, March 24, 2015

Become a pro at assigning, verifying, and auditing E/M codes.

The Evaluation & Management Boot Camp—Professional Version will teach you the fundamentals and intricacies of E/M coding and how to perform effective E/M audits. The course goes beyond the basics and dives right into the many gray areas of E/M to expose conflicting information between CMS and local carriers. This intensive, on-site training course is geared to both coding and auditing professionals. The class, which is perfect for coders, billers, auditors, and practice managers, will show you how to evaluate documentation relative to national and local carrier guidelines with a strong emphasis on interpreting rules accurately, and how to maximize E/M audits.

For more information or to order, call 800/650-6787 and mention Source Code EZINEAD or visit the HCPro Healthcare Marketplace.


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