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Physician Practice Insider, February 10, 2015

Looking for some opportunities to code outside of your specialty? Simply looking to get some additional opportunities to work out those coding muscles? HCPro’s Codercise CPT® Operative Report will provide you with the opportunity to dig into real life operative reports across various specialties and apply not only your coding knowledge, but also apply knowledge of coding edits and guidance. The next step up from HCPro’s basic CPT coding education, Codercise CPT not only provides coders with the opportunity to code, but also provides background on important billing and reimbursement topics.

Class begins with several modules discussing various topics such as the Medicare global surgery guidelines, the use of the CMS-1500 claim form, and the structure of the Resource Based Relative Value System. Most modules are followed by some interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to try out your newly acquired knowledge.

Coding is vital to the billing and reimbursement process. By examining some of these topics on a basic level, you may better understand your importance as a coder to the financial stability of your organizations. After learning about the various topics, attendees will then jump right into exercising some of that newly learned information, as well as their established background in CPT coding in coding several operative reports. Topic areas such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, integumentary, and gastroenterology are just a few that will be covered in this new class.

Test your CPT knowledge across various specialties, and gain some information on some important billing and reimbursement related topics. Join us on March 30–31 in Tampa, Florida.

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