AONE: Nursing Care’s Long Reach Gets Results

Nurse Leader Insider, April 14, 2016

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Written by Jennifer Thew, RN

The official theme for this year's American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual conference was, "Inspiring leaders," but based on the sessions I attended, an alternative theme could have been, "Nurses: Everywhere You Want to Be."

What I mean by this is that nursing care is no longer strictly task-based and delivered at the bedside.

Instead, nurses have become integral in achieving the goals of the new healthcare environment—value-based care, improved patient outcomes, greater access to healthcare—and they are working their magic throughout the care continuum. Nurses can be found in the C-suite, at the unit level, in the ambulatory setting, on boards, and in the community.

Read on for some of the ways nurses are delivering care across the healthcare landscape.

The Surplus Project

The poster presentation, "Surplus Project: Serving Food Insecure Populations Through a Leadership Development Program," detailed how Jennifer M. Grenier, RN-BC, MSN, nurse director, telemetry at not-for-profit Rush Oak Park (IL) Hospital, was able to provide 10, 238 meals to an area food pantry over the course of four months by repackaging leftover food the hospital was going to throw out.

Not only was she able to address the needs of those in the community facing food insecurity, but she was also able to provide healthcare screenings at the food pantry on donation days with help from RNs on The Surplus Project team.

While significantly different than reading cardiac rhythms and administering medications, she still used her nursing skills of critical thinking and assessment to identify a community health issue and to develop a solution that affected the health of a patient population.

For more stories from AONE, check out the full article in Health Leader Media.

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