The 10 things that make a great nurse manager

Nurse Leader Insider, December 31, 2015

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What makes a great nurse manager? What steps do they take to drive success and engagement in their staffs and themselves? Two researchers, Barbara Mackoof, EdD, and Pamela Klauer Triolo, PhD, RN, decided to answer that question. The two of them conducted a study of 30 exceptional nurse managers to find out what commonalities they shared.
1.    Mission driven. Great managers are purposeful, focused on end results, and given to "big picture" thinking.
2.    Generativity. The ability to find gratification and maintain continuity in the work while giving opportunities to others.
3.    Ardor. Great managers are energized and express their excitement, commitment, and dedication to patient care to their staff.
4.    Identification. The ability to identify with patients, the organization, and staff is key for a nurse manager. It’s also important take pride in the accomplishments of the staff.
5.    Boundary clarity. The ability to cultivate strong personal boundaries, create emotional insulation, and model appropriate boundaries for others.
6.    Reflection. Learning from experience, observing the effect of their behavior on others, and scanning for cues about self and others in the workplace.
7.    Self-regulation. The ability to stay patient, keep emotions in check, and suspend judgment before acting.
8.    Attunement. The ability to appreciate each person's contribution, understand diverse perspectives, and set aside assumptions.
9.    Adaptability. Great managers welcome innovation and new learning.
10.     An affirmative framework. Great managers use an optimistic explanatory style, generate positive expectations, and model resilient behavior.


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