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HIPAA and HITECH have resulted in a whole new career for Tom Dumez, CHP. As human resources director at a records management company, Dumez's job in the last few years has taken a new direction-training others how to comply with HIPAA.

Dumez says he didn't know much about HIPAA when Congress enacted the HITECH Act in February 2009. However, the company he worked for, Kent Record Management in Grand Rapids, MI, realized someone had to find out about the HIPAA laws pretty quickly.

HITECH made Kent and other similar companies that handle PHI for covered entities (CE) into business associates (BA) that were now directly subject to certain HIPAA rules.
Since he handled compliance at Kent Record Management, Dumez was assigned the responsibility of learning about HIPAA and how to comply with laws the company was previously only required by contract to comply with.

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