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Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, October 7, 2011

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Navigating through the world of healthcare apps

Having recently entered the world of the smart phone, I find myself testing (reluctantly) and enjoying (most of the time) the ability to check my e-mail from any location and access the Internet whenever and whenever I please. Part of these technological wonders includes the myriad of applications (apps) available. There seem to be apps for every conceivable topic. I can take notes during project meetings (check out the "awesome notes" app) and e-mail them to whomever I please. I find I can also keep track of the progress of my various knitting projects and even take a virtual tour of the remarkable 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero.

There are also more healthcare apps than I could have imagined. Here are a few you may find useful. Note that many apps come with a free version as well as more sophisticated versions for which you must pay. Always start with the free version, regardless of recommendations for others. I believe that we must personally evaluate the usefulness of each app for ourselves.

Here are some apps you may find interesting:

  • Continuing education trackers: Track professional courses, expenses, license and certification renewals, and required continuing education hours.
  • AHRQePSS: The Electronic Preventive Services Selector (EPSS) is designed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The app was developed to help primary care clinicians identify screening, counseling, and preventive medication services for patients.
  • Dosage Calc: Assists in drug calculations
  • Emergency Medical Spanish Guide: The Emergency Medical Spanish Guide Life (EMSG) is designed for non-Spanish speaking healthcare professionals to obtain necessary medical information.
  • MedCalc 3000 Complete: This is the most popular medical calculator system on the Web as of this writing.
  • Pocket EKG-Basic: Helps you to interpret the 25 most common cardiac dysrhythmias. An interactive quiz is included.
  • Medical Bible: Black's Medical: Black's Medical Dictionary has been the best-selling medical dictionary for more than 100 years. Provides clear explanations of medical terms.
  • CCRN Exam Prep: Upward Mobility's CCRN app for Android is designed to help prepare nurses for the AACN critical care certification exam.
  • Human Atlas: Animated illustrations and 3D rotating body systems in one app for Android.
  • Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide 6th Edition: Provides information on 1,000 commonly used medications.
  • IV Drug Handbook: Offers practical guidelines pertaining to administration of intravenous drugs.

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