Ask the expert: Anticipating goals of implementing a just culture

Nurse Leader Insider, February 21, 2011

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This week, Vivian B. Miller, BA, CPHQ, LHRM, CPHRM, FASHRM, discusses some goals that leadership should look for in their organization when implementing a just culture.

Q:  What should be my end goals when trying to make a transition to a just culture in my organization?

A:  Remember that change is hard for the majority of folks. It can be difficult for staff to trust that the organization is moving from a punitive approach to one that is more fair and just. No matter how much planning and communicating is done to prepare for the change, folks will still be leery and mistrustful until they actually see the new, more positive attitude in action. To that end, setting goals that have been developed collaboratively by leadership and staff is essential to the successful transition toward implementing a just culture.

The following are some examples of such goals:

  • Every person affiliated with the organization is cognizant and aware of the fact that healthcare is a risky business. Every person understands that there are inherent risks to the provision of care and that, on occasion, there will be mistakes made.
  • Every staff member understands that although occasional mistakes will be made, staff should continuously work to identify and control or manage hazards or potential hazards. In fact, in a just culture, folks are actually always looking for ways in which an error could occur so that proactive efforts can be made to prevent errors from happening.

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