Inside the program: Staff self-appraisals

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, December 20, 2010

A study (Inderrieden, Allen, & Keaveny, 2004) indicated that self-ratings have an overall positive effect on the PA process because self-ratings bring another perspective to the appraisal discussion. The fact that people have to think about the appraisal items and flesh out a rationale for their ratings makes the discussion richer. It turns the meeting into a discussion as opposed to a one-way monologue by you.

When people have put thought into each item and have input into a discussion, they are much more likely to buy into the process and gain value from it. In most organizations, the days of walking into an appraisal and reading a review are pretty much over. People want to be involved and take ownership of their careers and they want to continue to grow. They want to be engaged; the more input they have into the way things are run, into making decisions that affect them, and into their performance evaluation, the more engaged they are likely to be.

Source: Lead! Becoming an Effective Coach and Mentor to your Nursing Staff

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