Inside scoop from our experts: Shared Governance Implementation

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, November 29, 2010

This week’s question about Shared Governance Implementation comes from a discussion on JourneyTalk.

Q: I have a couple of questions regarding Shared Governance Implementation: First, how long was your implementation plan? And second: did you implement pilot ULCs or implement a comprehensive model across the nursing division at the same time?

A: I would say ours took two to three years before we started really seeing results and impact.

We first started with unit-based shared decision making teams and this was marginally successful. Then we took a new approach and implemented a comprehensive model across the nursing division. We have four councils; Nursing Strategy, Nursing Practice, Nursing Education and Nursing Quality. Our Evidence-Based Practice/Research is part of Nursing Practice. This has been pretty successful and has taken two to three years to reach that point. It has also helped to drive the results of the unit-based teams.

If just starting, I would start with the division-wide councils and create success with those and then move to unit-based councils.

Editor's note: On JourneyTalk you can network with your peers, discuss the new manual, share your helpful tips, and get advice on how to meet the program's expectations.

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