Inside the program: Organizational culture

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, October 25, 2010

When thinking about all the elements that affect human behavior, organizational culture is the primary determinant of how people act in the workplace. This is why understanding your culture is so important. If you want or need to change people’s behavior, look at the culture since that is what is driving employees’ actions.

Culture is an intangible concept, which can be difficult to describe. This means it can be overlooked when trying to effect change or diagnose a problem. If you break culture down into its elements, it becomes manageable and modifications can be made that would initiate and sustain a change in behavior of the constituents who make up the culture.

You and your staff are faced with changes every day. Understanding how the culture operates can help or hinder the agility of your staff to make the ever-increasing rate of change tolerable. They may even come to embrace it.

Source: Lead! Becoming an Effective Coach and Mentor to your Nursing Staff

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