Inside the program: Hiring for the position

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, October 4, 2010

So how do I incorporate hiring into my orientation program? How do I build a strong foundation and foster accountability in my team? These are great questions to ask and relatively attainable tasks. So let’s start from the beginning. Before you even hire for a position, you should always post the job description or have the charter easily accessible for potential or interested candidates to review. And if they like what they see, most will apply for the position or let their leadership team member know that they are considering applying for the position. So right from the very beginning, interested candidates already know what is expected of them.

As you engage interested candidates and begin interviewing for the position, your leadership team and the staff members involved in the interviewing process will review the expectations of the position with the candidate. As the team reviews the job duties and responsibilities, the team should ask open-ended questions that are situation-based, in order to evaluate a candidate’s response. This will help the team to make a decision as to whether a candidate is right for the unit. Although this isn’t part of the orientation program, you certainly have provided an opportunity to establish the foundation right from the beginning. Now it is time to apply the foundation into your program.

Source: Charge Nurse Program Builder: Tools for Developing Unit Leaders

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