In the know: Don’t panic before nursing school

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, September 6, 2010

As a newly enrolled nursing student, expect to be both excited and terrified as you eagerly await your first day of class. The natural impulse is to start reading everything you can get your hands on about nursing to prepare for school. It seems logical, but as hard as it may be, resist this urge. Why? There are several reasons:

  • The summer before your nursing program starts is the last free time you will have until you graduate. Nursing school runs year-round; it's better to take advantage of the precious time you have left to tend to all thing non-nursing.
  • You risk an early burnout. Nursing programs are unlike anything you have experienced, and really, it's best to save your energy for the program.
  • You deserve to take time to reward yourself. You've worked hard to get into nursing school, don't shrug it off. It's important that you recognize what a tremendous accomplishment this is.

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