Inside the program: The CNO

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, July 23, 2010

The CNO sets the tone for the nursing department’s participation in QI. As a member of administrative leadership, the CNO must integrate nursing practices into the organizational goals for excellence in patient outcomes through communication of strategic goals to all levels of staff. The CNO must advocate for and allocate resources to meet QI needs. For example, this may include garnering more full-time equivalents for QI-trained nurses or for wound and skin nurses, or enough secretarial staffing to handle input of large quantities of data. The CNO also must advocate for and allocate resources to enable directors and nurse managers (NMs) to plan and improve NSIs unique to their patient populations at the unit level. In addition, the CNO must support a culture of education for directors and NMs in the principles and methods of QI. Though many NMs are educated in management principles, QI concepts may be new to them. The CNO must support a culture of education and learning to help NMs integrate QI on their units or divisions, and provide them with the skills and resources to collect data and improve and control processes unique to their patient populations.

Source: Quality Improvement for Nurse Managers

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