In the news: Nurses receive home health training from disabled man

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, July 26, 2010

New nurses at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA, might be surprised when they arrive at orientation and see Roger Vincent in a wheel chair giving a welcoming presentation and helping with their training. Vincent volunteers his time to help welcome and train new hires and in-home caregivers, offering advice and the perspective of a homebound patient.

Vincent, who contracted polio as a child and has had post-polio syndrome for 30 years, is no stranger to dealing with nurses and healthcare providers. With his care, he frequently talked with the director if a nurse was not up to par, or the care he was receiving did not live up to his expectations.

Now, as part of the orientation and training program at St. Joseph, Vincent offers his advice to new nurses on how they can provide the best home health care possible. One suggestion Vincent gives is communication. "Communication is a very large item, whether it is a simple phone call if the nurse is running unduly late or if something out of the ordinary is expected on the next visit," says Vincent in an official statement.

Does your facility have programs similar to this one? Do you think it is beneficial to learn from a patient who has experience in dealing with healthcare professionals?

Source: The Orange County Register

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