Inside best practice: Improving shared governance

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, July 19, 2010

When Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC), in Athens, GA, implemented shared governance five years ago, the initial drive of the program was met with different levels of success. Unit councils excelled in some areas and struggled in others, leading to inconsistent results.

The organization decided to change that—and they pursued clear data to back up their decision-making process.

“We saw varying success, especially in our unit councils,” says Nancy Arata, RN, BSN, MBA, from the ARMC Office of Professional Excellence. “We wanted to be able to determine if there were particular factors that influenced our success.”

Just going on gut reaction to existing success rates, ARMC’s nursing leadership could see that some unit councils were outperforming others, with great results and projects coming out of the units. One of those great results: higher nursing satisfaction scores.

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