From the desk of Adrianne Avillion, DEd, RN

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, June 18, 2010

Editor's note: Welcome to our new feature written by staff development expert Adrianne Avillion. Each week, Adrianne will write about an important issue in the area of staff development or answer reader questions. If you have a question for Adrianne, e-mail her at

Q: We have large bulletin boards on every nursing unit and at strategic points throughout the hospital. I use them to post important breaking news such as newly approved medications or flu updates. Staff members say they appreciate the information, but how can I liven them up so they really stimulate learning?

A: I've always liked bulletin boards, even in the day of mega-technology. To increase learning, try posting interesting case studies in a series of installments. For instance, recent research indicates that taking SSRI anti-depressants in conjunction with tamoxifen may decrease the effectiveness of tamoxifen. You could post a brief patient scenario with a breast cancer survivor as the focus who is taking both kinds of medications. Include additional information about her diet, exercise habits, etc.

Instead of pointing out the research findings immediately, tell your learners there are certain factors that may increase her risk for cancer recurrence and ask if they know what they are. Provide links to articles that delve into risk factors and encourage them to find the answers on their own. Tell them the answers will be posted in a few days or a week depending on how often you update your bulletin boards.

Hopefully, these types of case studies will stimulate interest and liven up your bulletin boards.

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