Inside scoop from our experts: Dress code policies

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, June 7, 2010

This week’s question on staff education comes from a discussion on JourneyTalk. Elaine Doyle, R.N., MSN, CRRN, nurse educator with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Zion, IL, provides some insight.

Q: We are currently discussing modifying our dress code for all employees. Our current policies are now a little vague, and this would be a more specific policy. What are your current rules? Are they getting more strict or less so?

A: We instituted a hospital wide change to dress policy for clinical areas. All clinical staff wear scrubs with designated color for work area.

  • RN inpatient (hot pink top and gray bottom, with men in all gray) versus outpatient colors ( purple)
  • All inpatient PCT’s are one color (light pink)
  • Radiation techs are all one color (blue)
  • Respitory staff are all one color( green)
  • Clinical leadership staff wear short white lab coats with the hospital logo

Basically the rules are by department. Departments got to pick their color, for the most part. It has been well received by patients. Staff seem to have adjusted well to it.

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