SDW news brief: Healthcare reform provisions kick in over 10 years

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, March 26, 2010

Many of the provisions included in the healthcare reform legislation approved Sunday—and the bill that adds fixes to that measure that was sent to the Senate—would not take place immediately, but along a 10-year timeline through 2020.

HealthLeaders Media examined how the timeline with roll out. In 2010:

  • Adults with pre-existing conditions who have been uninsured for at least six months can enroll in a temporary high-risk health insurance pool and receive subsidized premiums—beginning three months after the bill's passage. (The pools expire when exchanges are implemented in 2014.)
  • All health insurance plans are to offer dependent coverage for children through age 26; insurers are prohibited from denying coverage to children because of pre-existing health problems.
  • Insurance companies can no longer put lifetime dollar limits on coverage and cancel policies—except in cases of fraud.
  • Tax credits will be provided to help small businesses with 25 employees or fewer to get and keep coverage for these employees.
  • The Medicare "doughnut hole," in which beneficiaries had to pay full cost of their prescription drugs, begins narrowing by providing a $250 rebate this year to those in the gap, which starts this year after they have spent $2,830. The doughnut hole fully closes by 2020.
  • Indoor tanning has a 10% sales tax.

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Source: HealthLeaders Media

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