Inside the program: Language tools to use when working with physicians

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, February 22, 2010

We have many opportunities to work with physicians. It may be in caring for a specific patient or group of patients, or we may work with them on a project or team. Working with physicians to achieve accountability is no different from working with anyone else. We want to get physicians to do what they say they are going to do. We want them to make commitments and keep their commitments.

We will use the same tools we used earlier. We’ll start with the language we use. We want to use the six language tools we discussed in Chapter 2:

  • Framing: Turn on the listening you need
  • Effective questions: Turn on the physician’s creative power
  • Active listening: Make sure the physician is being heard and understood
  • Request and offers: Generate commitments
  • Hear yes/no: Verify accountability
  • Acknowledgment: Celebrate behavior that works

Source: Accountability in Nursing: Six Strategies to Build and Maintain a Culture of Commitment

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