In the news: Boston nurses protest staffing changes

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, February 15, 2010

Tufts Medical Center and Boston Medical Center (BMC) have decided to raise the ratio of patients per nurse, leading to protests at both facilities, reports the Boston Globe.

Tuft administrators say they are bringing in more technicians to help with the new workload, so that nurses can focus more on things like taking vitals instead of tasks like transporting patients. The decision will save Tufts an estimated $3 million annually, according to the Globe.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association organized the protest at BMC, which plans to increase the number of patients to nurses from two to three to remain consistent with national averages. The staffing decisions at both hospitals resulted after the same consultants reviewed the hospitals' efficiency and compared the ratios to national averages.

Nurses are protesting, arguing that they are already struggling to adequately care for patients as it is, and that other factors, such as population, should be taken into account when comparing ratios to national averages.

Source: The Boston Globe

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