Tips from TSE: Prepping for surveys: Dealing with the most frustrating standards

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, January 29, 2010

Maintaining a constant state of readiness is a challenging prospect. The following are some tips from organizations who have come up with innovative ways to prepare.

CoxHealth, a three-hospital system in Springfield, MO, utilizes a three-tiered approach that includes:

  • A J-Day Blitz List-a checklist of essential tasks that is reviewed every Sunday evening by designated managers to prepare for potential surveyor arrival and to catch late-breaking issues, says Ruth Ann Moore, RN, BS, MEd, accreditation program manager
  • Monthly review surveys conducted by departments to assess in-depth preparedness
  • Biweekly Friday Facts, an internal newsletter distributed every other Friday that contains survey tips for staff members

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