Inside scoop from our experts: Educating staff on the nursing code of ethics and bill of rights

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, January 25, 2010

Q: Can anyone give me some ideas or examples for educating staff on the nursing code of ethics and bill of rights?

A: Here are some examples of ways to educate staff on these topics:


  • Included in a professional nursing handbook. This is given to all nurses upon hire at new nurse orientation and re-distributed every three to four years when it is updated. The RNs must sign that they have received their copy.
  • Articles in the clinical leadership newsletter.
  • The topic can be taught at new nurse orientation.
  • It can be included as topics of education throughout the year.
  • Nursing Code of Ethics and Bill of Rights posters on every nursing unit.

Hope this is helpful!

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