Inside the program: Designing cultural diversity education

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, December 29, 2009

Cultural diversity is a valued component of our society. The primary purposes of cultural diversity education are to improve:

  • Healthcare professional-patient communication
  • Healthcare professional-family communication
  • Communication among healthcare professionals
  • Patient and family outcomes

Here are some recommendations for the design of cultural diversity education:

  • Identify the most predominant cultural groups in your patient population
  • Identify the most predominant cultural groups in your organization's employee population
  • Identify people who are well versed in these cultures and in the native languages of these cultures to assist with education
  • Investigate the feasibility of offering English as a second language courses in your organization
  • Include American cultural characteristics as part of your diversity training
  • Prepare written guidelines for dealing with specific critical aspects of persons from cultures most frequently seen in your organization

Source: A Practical Guide to Staff Development: Evidence-based Tools and Techniques for Effective Education

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