In the news: Minnesota college helps unite male nurse

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, January 4, 2010

Amir Zadaka is fighting the stereotype that all nurses are female, reports the Minnesota Daily. He is a senior nursing student at University of Minnesota who has created a new group called Men Enjoying Nursing (MEN) after being named a Densford scholar.

Zadaka says he is often asked why he's not in medical school instead of nursing school, and he hopes the male bonding that occurs at MEN meetings helps to reaffirm their choice of becoming a nurse.

"Since men are underrepresented, it's kind of [about] just coming together and acknowledging the fact that there are men in nursing and that there are men in nursing doing great things," Zadaka told the Minnesota Daily. In the field of nursing, women outnumber men by a 16-to-1 ratio.

Source: Minnesota Daily

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