In the news: Ohio bill addresses nurse faculty shortage

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, December 28, 2009

The Ohio Senate has given final approval to a bill—Senate Bill 890—designed to entice more nurses to join training programs, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

The Ohio Nursing Education Study Committee found through a yearlong study that 65% of nursing schools said their biggest problem was the lack of nursing instructors. The finding led to the bill, which would allow the state chancellor to redistribute 25% of the money in nurse education loan assistance to help nurses get back to school, earn Master's degrees, and start teaching.

Researchers expect a shortage of 32,000 nurses by 2010, according to the Dispatch. The Ohio Board of Nursing and the Ohio Nurses Association support the bill, and Gov. Ted Strickland is expected to sign it, the paper reports.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch.

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