In the news: Ohio, Texas, and California will lead nation in nursing shortage

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, December 14, 2009

At the moment, central Ohio is not facing a nursing shortage, but experts say that situation is temporary, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Researchers expect Ohio to be short more than 30,000 nurses by 2020. Janice Lanier, deputy executive officer of the Ohio Nurses Association, says that right now, the bad economy is suppressing the fated shortage, but that healthcare should expect nurses to retire in waves in the next decade or so.

As nurses retire, an aging population and the promise of 1.3 million more insured Americans will make the need for nurses greater just as many are exiting the field, according to the Dispatch. In Ohio, the median age for a nurse is 47, and a nurse faculty member is, on average, 51 years old.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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