In the news: CT suspends LPN education program

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, December 7, 2009

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell made the announcement Tuesday that the state's adult education program for licensed practical nurses (LPN) will be suspended, reports the Hartford Courant.

Rell attributed the suspension to efforts to reduce the state's $470 million deficit in the current fiscal year. The LPN program, which pays about 80% of tuition for about 350 students every 16 months, costs the state $1.7 million a year. Rell has the authority to cut the program without legislative approval, according to the Courant.

Many LPNs, including Jessica LoRusso, a student of the program at one of the local 10 technical high schools, credit the program with changing their lives. LoRusso notes that some students use the program as a bridge to become registered nurses.

The program has existed since the 1950s.

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