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Nurse Leader Insider, November 9, 2009

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In one of our recent blog posts on the Leaders' Lounge, we talked about re-recruiting for retention. A national survey done by Kepner-Tregow (a Princeton-based management consulting firm) found only 40% of workers feel adequately recognized at work, yet it’s been estimated that U. S. companies spend ~ $18 billion annually for recognition incentives (Ventrice, 2003). Apparently, employees desire something different from what their organization offers. An excellent form of recognition is re-recruiting.

Some tips from the post on how to accomplish re-recruitment included:

  • When you are in the unit chatting with your staff members, periodically ask questions such as, “If you could make any changes to your job, what would they be?”, or “What aspects of your job do you hope never change?” Another excellent question to ask is, “What makes for a great day at work?”
  • Use 30 / 60 / 90 day retention interviews. These face-to-face meetings help solidify retention of your newest staff members. Ask if the job is what they expected from the interview. Also ask if they’ve noted anything that could be done better – new eyes always have keen perspective, plus you may gain an improved way to accomplish something you’ve been struggling with! This blog post received positive comments on the advice that was given in the post.

Here are some of the comments:

"This is great advice that is so easy to do, but is often overlooked. I like the retention interview idea. Thanks for posting."

"I really like your first tip here, Bonnie. It’s a great way to put the issue of retention into perspective!

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