Inside scoop from our experts: Ensuring CNO visibility

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, November 3, 2009

This week, a reader asks about how to create perception of CNO visibility at a large organization. This question generated lots of responses on the JourneyTalk listserv, and the following answer is compiled from suggestions by a JourneyTalk member.

Q: What are some tips for how to create a perception of high CNO visibility in a very large organization (750 beds), where it is difficult to reach every member of staff all the time?

A: At my facility, our CEO is a nurse and we also have a VP of patient care services. The VP and CEO meet all new hires in orientation. The VP also joins them for lunch one day during their orientation.

The CEO holds a staff bash once a month (a fun and inspirational session, where we have had themes such as hosting an Oprah show, pie eating contest, Olympic games, hard hats and construction, Jeopardy), our CEO is a good sport and the rest of senior leadership participate. I think staff show up to see what will be the theme.

We hold open forums each quarter to talk about our pillars. We hold these at different times throughout the day. Staff also have an opportunity to ask questions directly at these forums. Both of these events are coordinated by HR.

Both leaders round on units at different times. The VP and I also do quarterly breakfast meetings with new hires to gather feedback on how their orientation went, preceptor experiences, and any opportunities for improvement.

We also have a CEO drop box where staff can send items directly for response to issues or concerns. I frequently see senior leadership throughout the building; they always stop to welcome my nursing students as we tour the facility. In fact, our VP of operations made my sandwich yesterday as he spent a day shadowing with our grill staff in our cafeteria. Shadowing in another areas is a part of program we designed for staff.

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