In the know: Develop a plan for patients who relapse

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, November 2, 2009

 People with chronic illness may experience additional anxiety during periods of relapse of their illness because of concerns about their family and/or their own welfare. Helping them develop a plan to follow during relapse may alleviate some of their anxiety. When their symptoms are well controlled, work with them to develop a treatment plan to share with their family members and healthcare providers when they begin to show signs of relapse.

A plan of action includes specific items that need to be addressed during relapse. It is important to consider all of the patient's daily responsibilities when developing the plan of action, and it may take some time to address all concerns. Address these issues in the plan:

  • The patient's wishes for the care of children, pets, and plants, if needed
  • Who the patient wants to manage his or her business, pay bills, and handle financial matters
  • What treatment facility the person would like to attend
  • Who needs to be notified and how best to contact them

For more information, read HCPro's book, Stressed Out About Difficult Patients.

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