In the news: Nursing shortage inspires RWJF, others to help create and retain RNs

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, November 2, 2009

 By 2020, the nursing shortage will hit 1 million, according to the 2004 Health Resources and Services Administration's National Sample Survey.

Various organizations in the nursing industry, however, are trying to stop such a shortage developing. For example, Healthcare Finance News reports that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) New Careers in Nursing provides scholarships for minority students to go to nursing school. States and hospitals are also helping out by providing money for licensed practical nurses to become registered nurse.

The shortage, in part, results from a lack of nursing faculty—in 2008, 41,000 students were turned away from nursing schools due to a lack of faculty to teach them. Fewer new nurses also means fewer nurses to replace soon to be retirees—the average age of an RN is 57, reports Healthcare Finance News.

RWJF is also helping to raise RN retention rates by urging adoption of its Transforming Care at the Bedside initiative, which hopes to increase the time nurses' spend with patients, therefore raising their job satisfaction.

Source: Healthcare Finance News

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